Mass Shooter Ezekiel Kelly, Memphis Shooting Suspect

Authorities in Memphis, Tennessee, have kept a 19-year-elderly person named Ezekiel Kelly based on their conviction that he was engaged in the Memphis Shooting.

He is charged with first-degree murder in linkage with the demise of 24-year-old DeWayne Amir Tunstall. He also shot people, including killing four and leaving one in critical condition. Another incident was when tried to damage the image of other Black People.

Ezekiel Kelly
Ezekiel Kelly,

Ezekiel Kelly stood before a judge Friday morning after allegedly opening fire in a series of deadly shootings in and around Memphis, parts of which were captured on videos obtained exclusively by Fox News Digital. 

Massey acknowledged that the death penalty is possible, during the court appearance. Case requested a gag order be implemented, and the law specialist scheduled a motion hearing for Sept. 13.

Kelly didn’t enter a request and no bond was set during the meeting. Head prosecutor Steve Mulroy said extra charges against the defendant were probably going to come.

Black People, Mass Shooter Ezekiel Kelly Apprehended by Liberal Authorities? Where Is Black Lives Matter Now?

( Who’s raising these crazy ninjas? This week in Memphis From Cleotha Abston to Ezekiel Kelly, American Negroes have been wild.

This is the week all the crazy ninjas decided to make their actions, but really not doing anything except worsening things for themselves and for other black males. Now, the media is focused on the mental health of black males and showing pictures to the world that black men are insane and need to be locked up behind cages. Black men are now looking like demons and many of them are only the main focus of media. Even while they’re presenting black celebrities and professional athletes, they’re also presenting the worst of black people.

They are presenting to the world that black people are wild, crazy, pathetic, violent, unempathetic, and mean and for a black woman, it is rather embarrassing watching a child that you gave birth, to become a killer having murdered a woman, who was a mother and teacher.

In Washington, DC, one black male like a monkey was hanging around in a tree, swinging from wires following entering a woman’s home through her window. From one rooftop to another. Law enforcement officials captured him, and later he was taken to a mental health building.

These ninjas need treatment because they are literally insane, and they have been known all along they needed therapy. But instead, they take out their pain, frustration, rampages, and mental illness upon mostly women, children, and their families. These people have been knowing they needed treatment. I think if you fail to get help or your family fails to get help for you. If you did a crime and hurt anyone, you should also suffer the same as if you were the same person. Because this is Karma and this is life, And even that can include the death penalty.

It seems that Black women’s lives don’t matter whenever a black man murders one of us. In reality, Black people are the ones who are killing more black people than police officers. They don’t protest about the number of murders against black people mainly by black males.

Cleotha Abston didn’t care when he abducted and murdered Eliza Fletcher 35-year-old mother of two young children who now must manage to go through life and act like nothing is wrong. Now, they’re expected to move with life and work and pay taxes for niggas. Children are now expected to go to school and because their mother was made famous by the news after her brutal murder so now have to face taunts by other classmates, peers, and social media stalkers.

Many Negroes since youth hate white people they are already programmed in such a way because of the history of Jim Crow laws and institutionalized slavery. They’ve already had it built into their mind that white people are the reason they aren’t successful. They’re not trying to look at the real facts. Their parents were living in poverty themselves and gave them life. Many of them were victims of circumstance. The church taught me how not to hurt other people and not to steal. My spiritual leader taught me how not to kill other people.

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In America, you have options to get out of crime and poverty not like In a country like India, having a caste system, and if you were born into one of them, that is the system where they will remain in their entire life if they decide to continue to live there. Here, Many of us in America choose crime and poverty because that is all we know. To get out of poverty, I’ve had opportunities. I grabbed those opportunities and also got fired from a couple of decent jobs. I even got an internship in the school.

Staff Writer; Alberta Parish

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