Jennifer Lopez ‘Old Wounds Were Healed’ after Marrying Ben Affleck 20 Years Later

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez totally opened up about her deepest feelings in her most recent The JLo pamphlet passage. Jennifer Lopez, The Marry Me star,53, shared details of her luxurious Georgia wedding to Ben Affleck, 50, and shared that the “wounds” left when the couple separated back in 2004 has at long last been healed. Furthermore, it is closely related to an extremely special song, she admitted.

Jennifer Lopez is an American singer, actress, and dancer. Lopez is considered a pop culture icon and is often described as a triple-threat entertainer. With a cumulative film gross of US$3.1 billion and estimated global sales of 80 million records, she is considered the most influential Hispanic entertainer in North America.

Jennifer Lopez Feelings

Jennifer Lopez wrote, relating the beautiful moment she finally walked down the aisle, accompanied by their five children blended across two families.

“Ben and I talked about Marc Cohn’s ‘True Companion’ as the perfect wedding love song in this very house more than twenty years ago,”

“Though Ben didn’t know, I asked Marc to surprise him by singing it at our wedding and he was lovely and generous to come.”

Jennifer Lopez continued,

“As I walked down the aisle, the first song he played wasn’t ‘True Companion’ however. It was his ‘The Things We’ve Handed Down’ — a song about the wonderful mystery of children — something we could only guess at back then, but it was the perfect choice as our five children preceded me on the walk. The twenty years between those dreams of youth and the adult world of love and family we embraced that day, brought more to this marriage than either of us ever could have imagined,” she wrote in part, adding that everything seemed to come “full circle” as Marc eventually did play

“True Companion.”

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Jennifer Lopez continued her memory, explaining how things had changed over the years,

“Later Ben told me that the chords of the song and seeing Marc Cohn both shocked him and allowed him to feel the way both roads we had walked found their way, inevitably, inexorably, and perfectly together,” she tenderly recalled.

“And when he saw me appear at the top of the stairs that moment it both made absolute sense while seeming still impossibly hard to believe, like the best dream, where all you want is never to awaken. I would have had many of the same thoughts probably had I not been focusing so hard on not tripping over my dress, but when I got close enough to see his face, it made the same wonderful sense to me. Some old wounds were healed that day and the weight of the past was finally lifted off our shoulders. Full circle — and not at all the way we planned it. Better.”

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